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Based in Scottsdale, AZ

Welcome to my website, the home of my best photography from around the world. You will see wildlife, landscapes, and travel photos. Please have a look and then contact me - I would love to hear from you. Right below are most most recent blogs while the bottom below that will bring you to my old website blog page.

Eastern Dolomites
Eastern Dolomites
Before we get started, how do you pronounce, “Dolomites”? When planning our trip I talked to my very good Italian friend, Ale’. I’d like to go to the “dow-luh-mites”, I said. Ale’ quickly admonished me, it is pronounced “doh-leh-meet-eeze”....
Lost in Venice
Lost in Venice
Venice is a great place to get lost. Since I excel at getting lost, Venice is my kind of city. As we walked the streets, turning left or right down some once secret alley, we would come across an interesting find. This is a photographer’s dream, discovering little and big jewels, waiting...
The Mighty Baobab
The Mighty Baobab
We chose to go to Madagascar to see baobab trees and lemurs. It turned out to be an adventure of a lifetime where I stared down my biggest fears, ate horrible food, and lived in a culture hundreds of years behind what I am used to.  There were times I thought I would die, scaling a vertical...

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Below are some of my favorite photos. Check out my gallery for all my favorites from around the world.

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